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2012 Bob Corrigan / Morgan Myza Memorial Indoor Tournament 

General Information

This tournament enables the Central Bucks East Girls' Soccer team to promote youth soccer for nearly 400 girls.  The tournament is for the age brackets of U-10F, U-11F, U-12F, and U-13F, each bracket plays on one day either in the morning or afternoon. See the schedules section below for times.

The two day tournament honors the memories of two special people to the CB East Soccer Program. Bob Corrigan was a Central Bucks School District Teacher, founder of the East Girls program and was very active in youth soccer for many years. Morgan Myza was a student athlete who was stricken with an inoperable brain tumor and passed away last year.

Proceeds from the tournament enable the CB East Girl’s Soccer Team to:

1. Present college scholarships to worthy seniors in their name (50% of the proceeds).

2.  Provide a significant donation to the National Brain Tumor Foundation (25% of the proceeds with a minimum of $500).

3.  The tournament also serves as a fund raising event for the CB East Girl’s Soccer Team. (25%) 

Please contact Jeff Marcinkowski @ jmpmam@yahoo.com or 215-919-5892 for information.


To download the Corrigan-Myza Tournament application, please CLICK HERE

Needed Forms

All teams MUST complete the Team Roster Form for registration please CLICK HERE

All Players must have a SIGNED Parental Release Form to play. These are also due from the coach at registration. For a copy of the form please CLICK HERE


The schedules will be emailed to all coaches and posted by Jan 12, 2013. The schedule will be updated on this website at that time.


Click here to download the schedule. Please make sure to utilize the correct tab for your age bracket.


If there are any questions, please call Jeff Marcinkowski @ 215-919-5892



Own a local company? Support the girls of the CB East Soccer team by being a sponsor of this year. For more information please contact Jeff Marcinkowski at jmpmam@yahoo.com or 215-919-5892.

Tournament Rules

 To download the rules file Click Here


2804 Holicong Road, Doylestown, PA  18902 

Bob Corrigan/Morgan Myza Memorial Indoor Tournament  


  1. Each team should register 30 minutes to their starting time and provide their roster of players (maximum 14) with proof of age.  Each player must have a waiver of liability signed by parent.  Copies of liability waiver are provided.  Registration will be held in theC.B.EastHigh SchoolGymnasium Lobby.
  2. No player will be permitted to play with more than one team.
  3. This tournament will be played in the CB East main and auxiliary gyms (hardwood floors). A size 4 outdoor ball will be used as the game ball and a touch line boundary system is in place. The walls behind the goals are considered in play unless the ball passes over the wall end line.
  4. FIFA rules will be used with the following modifications.
  5. The visiting team will choose the direction of play and start the game from the center of the playing field with a DIRECT free kick, or pass in either direction.
  6. U10, U11, U12 and U13 Divisions will play five (5) field players plus a goalkeeper.
  7. All substitutions (including keeper) can be made “on the fly”
  8. Each game will be 17 minutes in length.  Time will run continuously, and can be stopped by the referee or a Tournament Official.  (Note:  If a Penalty Kick is awarded and time expires before it is taken, the Penalty kick will be taken)
  9. All kicks are INDIRECT
  10. There are no off-sides.
  11. A ball passing over the sidelines shall be out back in play with a direct free kick from the spot it left play.
  12. A ball passing over the end line will be played either as a corner kick or a goal kick (see Rule #16 regarding goal kicks)
  13. All defenders must be at least two (2) yards from the ball on all direct kicks (except penalty kick – kicker vs. goalie)
  14. A ball hitting the ceiling or any overhead object is out of play and will be put back in play below the point of contact with a direct free kick.
  15. The “pass-back” rule for goalies is not in effect.  Goalkeepers ARE PERMITTED to pick up the ball with her hands when played back by a teammate).
  16. Goalkeepers may not punt or drop-kick the ball.  The penalty for punting or drop kicking the ball is a direct kick from the spot of infraction.  Goalie may place the ball on the floor and kick it.
  17. Goalkeepers throws and kicks MAY clear the center line in the air. 
  18. All decisions of the referee and Tournament Director are final.
  19. Any team that accumulates five (5) yellow cards or two (2) red cards during the course of the tournament will be immediately disqualified and will forfeit all fees and privileges.
  20. Any coach eject from a game will be dismissed from the tournament.  If a replacement adult coach is not immediately appointed, the team will be dismissed.  Conditions set in Rule #18 (above) apply.
  21. Any player who accumulates two yellow cards will be suspended from the team’s next game.  She will not, however, be required to leave the game in which she received her second yellow card unless both were received in the same game.
  22. Teams will play a Round Robin Tournament.  Champions will be determined by the accumulation of most points by the following scoring: 

3 points for a win 

1 point for a tie 

0 points for a loss

1 point per goal differential (max. 3 per game) 

  1. In the case of being tied in the standings, the following tie breaker procedure will be used:
    1. Head-to-Head
    2. Goal Differential (maximum 3 goal differential per game)
    3. Fewest goals allowed
    4. Most goals scored (max 3 per game)
    5. FIFA penalty kick rules apply
    6. All players, coaches, and speculators will be restricted to the Central Bucks East Gymnasium, Lobby area and locker room/restrooms facilities.  It is imperative that this request be requested to ensure that the tournament does not interfere with any other Central Bucks activity.  Furthermore, all participants must abide by the rules of the facility and requests from the tournament committee and the Central Bucks East staff.
    7. No one is permitted on top of the bleachers due to safety issues.
    8. In the event the tournament is cancelled due to weather or school emergency, a full refund minus $15.00 administrative fee will be issued.


Directions To Venues

To download directions Click Here 


2804 Holicong Road, Doylestown, PA  18902

(C. B. East High School is located in Buckingham, PA, just east of Doylestown, PA, and just south of Peddlers Village and New Hope, PA)

From South:  (Using  Route 611)  North on Route 611.  Exit at the Doylestown exit (611 by-pass).  Take the by-pass until you exit onto Route 202 North (at the stop sign).  Continue straight on Route 202 North.  At 2nd traffic light, turn left onto Route 413.  Travel only one-quarter  (1/4) mile.  Just over crest in hill, make a right turn ontoAnderson Rd.    School is on left at the end ofAnderson Rd.

From South:  (Using  Route 263)  North on Route 263, through Hatboro and Warminster.  Cross Street Road (Route 132) and  Route 313.  At WAWA Market, left turn onto  Route 413 (Durham Rd.)  Cross Route 202.  Travel only one-quarter (1/4) mile.  Just over crest in hill, make a right turn ontoAnderson Rd.   School is on left at end ofAnderson Rd. 

From South/West:  (Using 202 North)   North on Route 202.  Just past Delaware Valley College, right exit on Route 202 North/611 South.  Travel one-quarter (1/4) mile.  Take first exit which is Route 202 North (By-pass)  Take to end to stop sign..  Continue straight on Route 202 North.  At second traffic light, turn left on Route 413.  Travel only   one-quarter (1/4) mile.  Just over crest in hill,  turn right onAnderson Road.  School in on left at end ofAnderson Road. 

From West (via PA Turnpike):  Exit at Willow Grove (Exit #27)  North on Route 611.  Pick up directions from:  From South (Using Route 611) 

From North:  (Using Route 413)  East (South) on Route 413.  Cross overMechanicville Rd (Post Office on left).  Through turns and hills.  Turn left onAnderson Rd.  (If you reach Route 202, you have traveled too far).  School is on left at end ofAnderson Rd. 

From North:  (Using Route 313)  East (South) on Route 313.  Cross over Route 611 and Main St.(Doylestown)   Left on Route 202 North.  At next light, left on Route 413.  Travel only one-quarter (1/4) mile, over crest in hill.  Turn right onAnderson Road.  School is on left at end ofAnderson Road. 

From South/East:  North (West) on Route 413.  Cross over Route 232.  Cross over Route 263. (WAWA on far right)  Cross Route 202 and travel only one-quarter (1/4) mile  over crest in hill. Turn right onAnderson Rd.  School is on left at end ofAnderson Rd.  

From New Hope/New Jersey:  South on Route 202.  Travel past Peddlers’ Village.  At traffic light, turn right onHolicong Rd.  Left onAnderson Rd.  Right turn intoC.B.EastHigh School. 

Enter GYMNASIUM at doors at left end of building.