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TUE. OCT 24, 2017 3:45 PM - 6:00 PM  GAME
vs. Arcola
Daniel Boone Middle School
WED. OCT 25, 2017 3:45 PM - 6:00 PM  GAME
Governor Mifflin
MON. OCT 30, 2017 2:30 PM - 4:00 PM  END OF SEASON PARTY
Uniform Turn-in
Daniel Boone Middle School

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    Sep 8
    Wilson West
    W 1-0
    Sep 11
    W 5-1
    Sep 13
    Daniel Boone Middle School
    vs. Conrad Weiser
    W 5-2
    Sep 15
    Shemanski Stadium
    Away - Only one game
    W 4-2
    Sep 20
    W 1-0
    Sep 22
    Daniel Boone Middle School
    vs. Governor Mifflin
    W 5-0
    Sep 27
    Muhlenberg MS (Jim Dietrich Park)
    Away - will be two games
    W 5-1
    Sep 29
    Daniel Boone Middle School
    vs. Reading - Only one game
    W 7-0
    Oct 4
    Twin Valley
    W 4-0
    Oct 6
    Daniel Boone Middle School
    vs. Wilson Southern
    T 1-1
    Oct 11
    Daniel Boone Middle School
    vs. Wilson West
    W 4-1
    Oct 13
    Conrad Weiser
    W 2-1
    Oct 16
    Daniel Boone Middle School
    vs. Fleetwood - night game - warmup @ 5:15
    W 2-0
    Oct 18
    Daniel Boone Middle School
    vs. Berks Catholic - Only one game
    W 3-2
    Oct 20
    Daniel Boone Middle School
    vs. Exeter
    L 0-1







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    Game vs. Exeter

    (dateline: Oct 21 2017)

    Varsity (0-1 L)

    It was a bummer to see us earn an "L" on our record, but there were positives to this game. At half time when the score was still 0-0, the girls recognized they were frustrated and voiced that we needed to change our mindset as well as how we interacted on the field. This was an important conversation because that brought a different team out the second half. We had more energy, more communication, more support, which translated into more runs at the goal and scoring opportunities. In the end we struggled to capitalize, but I can't be disappointed in the way the girls turned themselves around to produce better play as a team. They battled up until the literal final seconds where Ella Kardos made a last ditch effort to run the ball up the field drawing a foul and giving us a PK to try to tie. Emma Kay was solid and consistent on defense, winning every ball that came her way and then finding a way to transition while keeping possession. Lindsay Kardos also stepped it up creating multiple combinations with her teammates and going all-in on corners. As expected, the girls handled the loss like good sports, and I believe it will make them work their hardest our last two games.

    JV (3-1 W)

    This win couldn't have come at a better time! These girls felt they needed to prove to Exeter that they were something to be recognized ... and they were. There were multiple girls who stepped up their passing game, which were Natalie Fisher, Jennifer Bryan, Kayla Vitabile, and Hope Starolis. Excellent hustle forcing many turnovers came from Kayla Vitabile, Sarah Amtsberg, Molly Schappell, Amy Schafer, and Kendall Lee. The “Tremendous Triangle” in the back, Sarah Wedemeyer, Kara Mickiewicz, and Anna Taraboletti, marked well and disrupted any efforts their opponents had to score. The continuous push and hard work (hustle) that this team gave was ultimately what earned us the win – GREAT JOB! I was very impressed by the improvements and continued efforts as a team. Goals were scored by Sam Grooms, Amy Schafer, and Zoe Darlington, with assists by Kendall Lee, Amy Schafer, and Jamela Rolle. I’m proud of you ladies!


    Game vs. Berks Catholic

    (dateline: Oct 18 2017)

    3-2 W

    Goals scored by Lily Ferguson (2) and Lindsay Kardos. Assists by Emma Kay, Kiley McEntee, and Lindsay Kardos.


    Rest of the season - updated

    (dateline: Oct 18 2017)
    • An extra game just got added to our schedule on Tuesday, October 24. It is home against Arcola. Tomorrow will be our last practice (don't everyone be sad).
    • There will be no practice on Monday, October 23.
    • End of the year party will be Monday, October 30th from 2:30-4 at the middle school. A sign-up sheet will go out next week for food/drinks. Parents are welcomed to attend (although in the past most have not for some reason). We do a trivia, eat, the girls sign pictures for the 8th graders, and we try to do a small kick around in the gym if we can reserve it. I also ask that the girls return their uniforms at this time (only jerseys and shorts - they keep the socks). Uniforms must be clean when returned.

    Night Game vs. Fleetwood

    (dateline: Oct 17 2017)

    Both games were very exciting to watch! You girls put on quite a show for your family and friends!

    Varsity (2-0 W)

    Varsity came out hot to start and kept the pressure on the whole game, not letting Fleetwood breathe for a second. Unfortunately, Fleetwood’s only defense was to install an invisible force field around the goal to keep Boone from scoring; Boone eventually wore that down, finally scoring a goal due to Kiley McEntee gently placing a shot off of a cross from Lily Ferguson. Emma Kay stepped through to support her offense at one point and assisted a goal to Lindsay Kardos to put the nail in the coffin. Lindsay Kardos worked very well with Ella Kardos (Awww!) to create multiple scoring opportunities, as did Katie Esenwein on the right side with Lily Ferguson. Kiley McEntee and Renee Camburn did a great job as forwards redirecting balls to their midfielders and creating chaos for Fleetwood’s defense. I can’t say enough good stuff about our defenders and the way they easily shut down the majority of the runs their opponents tried to take. They were patient, they were smart, they held their shape, they communicated, they stepped up to win balls out of the air, they played to space – the list goes on. All I know is that you made it boring for your goalies, but we’re okay with that. You girls as a team were stellar! Great win!

    JV (0-0 T)

    Man, oh, man did we get close to scoring so many times!!! We’ll keep working on this, but as a whole there has been much improvement with maintaining energy, movement, and determination. They are starting to connect passes by picking up their heads to find their teammates and increasing communication. Each game gets more and more exciting! This team too made it boring for the goalies, Nicole Dewald and Madelynn Haag – they barely had to do a thing because they were able to hold things together as a team. Anna Taraboletti, Kara Mickiewicz, and Sarah Wedemeyer really held down the fort on defense with support from Natalie Fisher, Veronica Patterson, Jamela Rolle, Nicole Dewald, and Jennifer Bryan by stepping in front of Fleetwood and returning possession back to Boone. As often, our midfield (Amy Schafer, Hope Starolis, Kendall Lee, and Zoe Darlington) put in a lot of work to transition the ball to our forwards (Sarah Amtsberg, Molly Schapell, Kayla Vitabile, Sam Grooms, and Sadie Jarolin). Great work ladies! Let’s pull off some wins to end the season!


    Game vs. Conrad Weiser

    (dateline: Oct 16 2017)

    Varsity (2-1 W)

    Conrad Weiser was the first to score and held the lead going into the second half, but as always, Boone didn’t settle. They fought back to pull off a win. Katie Esenwein made a great run up the right side and put a ball across for Kiley McEntee to score and tie the game. Kiley McEntee put the moves on a defender getting the ball to Lindsay Kardos for the game winner. Great job to Kendall Lee for making a bunch of great saves to help get the “W”.

    JV (1-1 T)

    The girls continue to improve ball movement individually and between teammates, as well as their hustle to show they’re a team that can hold their own. Kendall Lee chased down a long ball where she was fouled in the box and drew a PK. Renee Camburn stepped up to take the shot and with poise put the ball in the lower left corner to tie the game. Great job Nicole Dewald for making many great saves to keep the game even.


    Game vs. Wilson West

    (dateline: Oct 13 2017)

    Varsity (4-1 W)

    We started out sluggish, picking up speed as time ticked, but again struggled to capitalize especially off corner kicks. Wilson West was first to score a goal, which eventually was turned around by Ella scoring, then Kiley, then Lindsay, then Kiley again. The assists were by Lindsay, Ella, and Katie. Lily and Lindsay really made some great combinations with Katie, Ella, and Kiley. Emma, Erin, and Rose did a great job of shutting down the quick forwards to prevent more goals, and Amy playing the whole game as keeper with great confidence. I’m always proud of the team’s willingness to shift into different positions because that is what is best for the team; it may not always be their favorite, but they do it because it’s what’s needed. You girls rock!

    JV (3-3 T)

    This team did a great job continuing to plug away and not let the goal deficit deter them from continuing to fight. They came back to tie it 3-3 due to the outstanding hustle by Zoe Darlington, Molly Schappell, Amy Schafer, and Kara Mickiewicz who all either scored or assisted. They couldn’t have done it without the efforts of their teammates though. Hope did a great job moving off the ball and getting back to help defend, as well as Sarah Amtsberg. Kara, Sarah Wedemeyer, Jennifer Bryan, Anna Taraboletti, Nicole Dewald, Veronica Patterson, and Natalie Fisher did a much better job moving as a unit on defense. I’m proud of you ladies for not giving up and having fun in the rain! Great job following your shots!


    Game vs. Wilson Southern

    (dateline: Oct 13 2017)

    Varsity (1-1 T)

    Although we remain undefeated, “so many chances, so little goals” sums up this game. Boone definitely outplayed Wilson Southern, but was just unsuccessful with putting more points on the board. The goal that Wilson earned was one heck of a shot that would’ve been tough for most goalies at this level to stop, so no disappointment there other than letting the girl take the shot. Lily Ferguson was a machine out on the field – pushing the ball through to offense, getting back to mark on defense, taking throw-ins and I think even a corner kick. Katie Esenwein did a great job sliding into the defensive position, making it look like she’s been playing there for years. The goal was scored by Ella Kardos, assisted by Lily Ferguson.

    JV (1-2 L)

    Zoe Darlington and Kendall Lee moved to midfield which got the ball moving laterally as well as forward, along with Hope Starolis transitioning the ball from defense to offense. Pinching Kara Mickiewicz and Sarah Wedemeyer to the center of defense kept the stability, and Nicole Dewald and Veronica Patterson really did a nice job tackling any outside runs and being in the right positions to support. Great hustle out of Sadie Jarolin by following up her shot from a pass by Sarah Amtsberg and Kendall Lee gave us a lead to start. We petered out a bit and Wilson scored a few more goals to surpass us, but overall the girls started moving the ball better around the field to create more opportunities for goals.


    Game vs. Twin Valley

    (dateline: Oct 5 2017)

    Game vs. Reading

    (dateline: Sep 29 2017)

    Game vs. Muhlenberg

    (dateline: Sep 28 2017)

    Varsity (5-1 W)

    The Boone girls had a new challenge thrown at them during the Muhlenberg game forcing them to be on their toes to keep from being off-sides. Despite Muhlenberg's attempts to prevent Boone from getting to the goal, Varsity was able to put away five goals: two by Ella Kardos, one by Lindsay Kardos, another by Lily Ferguson, and Emma Kay impressively bent one into the net off her own corner kick. The Kardos sisters also provided a few assists throughout the game. Lizzy Trani, Emma Kay, and Alex Grooms did a great job with corners, trying out some short corners, and, along with Rose Darlington and Erin Griffin, made great runs to put themselves in a spot to deliver long balls in front of the net. There were also plenty of individual runs to goal by Lily, Kiley, Katie, Renee, Lindsay, Amy, and Ella. Thank you to all that took a turn in goal! You girls are on a roll!

    JV (3-1 W)

    WAAAAAAAAAAA-HOOOOOOOOOO!!!! What a fun game to watch! Due to some out hurt, girls started in different positions and adjusted quickly. Sarah Wedemeyer, Zoe Darlington, and Kendall Lee were beasts in the center back, hustling to the ball before some of their own teammates could get there! Kendall Lee, Natalie Fisher, and Kayla Vitabile also showed some great stuff on the front line along with Molly Schappell who scored two goals! Two of the goals started in the back with our defenders clearing it to one of our midfielders, Jennifer Bryan, Sam Grooms, Sarah Amtsberg, Amy Schafer, and Rose Darlington, who was able to transition it to the forwards. Thank you Veronica Patterson for taking a karate kick to the gut, drawing a penalty kick, which Amy Schafer stepped up to blast it by the keeper. Finally, a “W” for you ladies!

    I want to thank you all for supporting the high school girls during their Senior Night - I look forward to doing that for you in 4-5 years. I know it was hectic to run straight from school to soccer to the high school with little rest, no time to eat, and I know some of you even held off on doing your homework to be there. It really meant a lot to them to see you there, and I know their coach, the athletic director, and myself were appreciative of your help with ball running and announcing; Alex had people smiling all night with her magical announcing skills. It was fun to spend time with you gals off the field.


    Game vs. Governor Mifflin

    (dateline: Sep 23 2017)

    Varsity (5-0 W)

    Wow! Wow! Wow! You ladies make it difficult to write up these recaps because there's so much to say and everyone deserves recognition! If you weren't there to witness it, the girls demonstrated accurate and quick passes, stellar communication, defensive control, off the ball movement, used space and played the lanes, held their shape, took strong shots from close to the 18, followed up shots, placed great corners, outran their defenders, pressed them into their own half, respected the refs and players ... I mean the list goes on and on. This is the best play by far. Our subs were a great addition to the starting lineup and filled in spots seemlessly. I truly can't pick any single individual that stood out the most because you all were fantastic! Great work! Goals were scored by Kiley McEntee, Lindsay Kardos (2), Lily Ferguson, and Hope Starolis. Assists were by Lizzy Trani, Lily Ferguson, Renee Camburn, Kiley McEntee, and Emma Kay. Thank you to Kendall Lee for stepping up in goal to give Amy a break.

    JV (0-1 L)

    These girls really do show some great effort out on the field and it's obvious that they love to play the sport - always eager to go back in, willing to play different formations and positions, sad when the game ends, are supportive of one another, many go to another game or practice after a game or practice, etc. We came up short again, but the girls never changed their hustle or attitudes. We will get there in time, we just need to put in the work at practice.


    Game vs. Exeter

    (dateline: Sep 23 2017)

    Varsity (1-0 W)

    Boone came out of the gate with accurate passing and movement, combine that with persistence, and BOOM a 1-0 victory! Alex Grooms, Lizzy Trani, and Emma Kay barely let Exeter's air balls hit the ground, instead gaining possession and delivering them to the midfield and forwards. Katie Esenwein made a run up the side putting in a cross that deflected off of Renee Camburn and finished by Lindsay Kardos.

    JV (0-2 L)

    These ladies really started to string together good combinations when moved into unfamiliar positions. There was some serious hustle out of Veronica Patterson, Kayla Vitabile, Kendall Lee, Amy Schafer, Molly Schappell, and Hope Starolis. Anna Taraboletti did an awesome job clearing anything that came close to her, and Zoe Darlington was all over anyone who entered into her space while also supporting the back line and mids. There was definite improvement as the game went on, we just need to start getting some points on the board.

    No matter the score, though, you girls looked great with your pink ribbons! I'm proud of you for supporting your teammate and our Boone family. #BoonePride


    Game vs Berks Catholic

    (dateline: Sep 15 2017)

    Game vs. Conrad Weiser

    (dateline: Sep 15 2017)

    Game vs. Fleetwood

    (dateline: Sep 15 2017)

    Game vs. Wilson West

    (dateline: Sep 15 2017)









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