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About Us

 The objective of the Harleysville Swim Team is to provide  our children with the opportunity to learn the fundamentals  of competitive swimming, to develop and improve their  physical skills, and to develop a positive attitude and self-  image through seasonal improvement, encourage  responsibility, good sportsmanship, and team enthusiasm.

 Harleysville Swim Team is a part of the Bux-Mont Swim  League, which is made up of eight teams in our general  area. There are seven dual meets during the season, and  three Championship meets to close the season. Every  team member will qualify for at least one Championship  meet. There are two diving meets (Junior and Senior) which are divided according to age. There are three swimming Championships (A’s, B’s,and C’s), which are divided according to ability. Qualifying times for these championship meets are posted on the bulletin board and may be met at any one of our league meets.

In order to qualify for the Harleysville Swim Team, the School-Age swimmer or diver must meet the following requirements:
  • All must have passed the deep-water test and beginner 1B swim lesson.
  • Swimmers must be able to successfully complete 25 meters (1 length) of the pool.
  • Divers must be able to perform successfully two forward dives from the board.
  • New divers must try out for the diving team.

  • Swimmers or diving lessons may be required for persons experiencing difficulty completing a normal practice session. These lessons are part of the regular instructional sessions offered by the Harleysville Community Center. Competitive swimming lessons will be offered for learning all four strokes, starts, turns, and so forth. Registration and fees will be posted at the pool.

    All team swimmers and divers must be a member of the Harleysville Community Pool. Membership applications may be obtained from the Lower Salford Township Office @ 215-256-8087 or by visiting the township web site atwww.lowersalfordtownship.org

    Registration fees are required from each team member. No swimmer will be permitted to practice until all registration fees are paid. No refunds will be issued after June 20.

    The purchase of a team suit is optional. They will be available for purchase at registration for team members through D & J Sports. After registration team suits may be obtained by contacting D & J Sports in Coopersburg, PA. 610-282-5895. We will no longer have them available. Team caps, logbooks and goggles will be available throughout the swim season.

    About the Harleysville Dive Team

    Welcome to summer diving! Thanks for joining our team! We look forward to a great season.

    For our new divers; this is a great opportunity to learn the art of diving, while having fun! In all our fun, we need to keep in mind that diving takes a lot of concentration and self discipline! Please respect your fellow divers by not distracting them when they are on the board.

    As you may have already learned, there are many parts to a successful dive.The hurdle, your approach, the dive itself, your entry, and how safely you execute your dive (like not being too close to the board). Our coach will be working on all these things during practice!!

    The work schedule will be passed out during the first full week of practice.Everyone needs to work as many meets as possible!You need to work at least 3 times to get your $100.00 volunteer fee returned. As you know, there are not nearly as many diving families as swimming families.We all need to pitch in to work for home meets, away meets, and CHAMPIONSHIPS. We need judges, scorers, a snack person for home meets, and improvement certificate writers. Don’t be shy! We were all new at one point.Experienced people are very nice and willing to teach you everything you need to know in order to get involved and have some fun!! 

    All divers are encouraged to attend all the meets, even if you are not diving.The league rules allow for 3 official divers and 1 unofficial diver in each event (Jr. Girls, Jr. Boys (is 12 and under), Sr. Girls, and Sr. Boys—). Each meet has a required dive that will be selected at random at the June league meeting.

    For most meets the diving warm-ups begin 4:45, and the meet goes from 5:15-5:45.You do not have to stay for the entire swim meet if you are only diving.

    It is a good idea to bring 2 or 3 towels each meet.On cold nights be sure to have a sweatshirt and sweatpants to keep warm!!


    On a final note we would like to stress the importance of attending practices and meets.We realize everyone has busy schedules, but it is expected that the divers will make a large majority of them. Remember, the swim team is counting on us to help them get points, and it could be the difference between a win and a loss. We owe it to them and each other to bring our best effort to every competition.


    Please be on time.Being late disrupts the flow of practice, and being late to a meet may result in the diver not having an adequate warm up. There will most likely be two practices, one from 8-9a.m. and one from 9-10 a.m. One practice will be for beginner divers and one for more advanced divers.You will be notified which practice group you will be in at the beginning of the season.


    I hope everyone is ready for a fun and safe summer!