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Volunteer Signups



 Harleysville Team Jobs

These Jobs are ongoing throughtout the season and will take place of your meet commitment, however working the meets may be required if we cannot fill the jobs necessary to run the meet effectively.


Harleysville Team jobs  available for signup during registration or at Practice or by email  Karen Bakey at (harleysvilleswimteam@gmail.com).  To download the form Click Here



You must volunteer for a minimum of 3 meets, time trials and Champs. There will be a sign up slot on Sign-Up Genius for people who want to shadow a meet job and will count towards your volunteer requirements.

 Sign-up genius is online

Instructions:  1. Click on the Signup genius icon to signup.

2. Cick on 'find a signup' , and enter email id 'harleysvilleswimteam@gmail.com'.




****If you have any questions or problems with your volunteer duties, please contact: Karen Bakey at harleysvilleswimteam@gmail.com***


Job Descriptions of the Meet Jobs:

*Timer – This is the most popular meet job among both new and experienced swim parents. You will use the new Dolphin System stopwatch to time the swimmer in your assigned lane. There are three timers per lane, two with Dolphin timer and one stopwatch per lane. With the Dolphin System, you only have to stop at the finish, not the start of the race.

*Back-up Timer – Time each race and be available to step into a particular lane if one of the timers misses the start.

*Runner – Collect the finish sheet and any DQ slips per event and takes them to the scoring table.

*Results - Sit at the scoring table and tally the top 3 winners per event and give to announcer. Person will also check against team and pool record sheet to see if any records have been broken so they can be announced as well. This is only done at home meets.

*Heat Winner Gifts – Hand out heat winner item to the 1st place winner of each heat during home meets. This is only done at home meets. (Items provided by Board)

*Newspaper – Record place finishes at the scorers’ table on forms provided to publication in The Souderton Independent and The Reporter. This needs to be turned into the papers either by email or dropping off.

*Ready Bench – This person helps the coaches find the swimmers scheduled for upcoming events and get them ready to swim and lined up properly by event.

*50/50 – This is a great way to meet everyone at the meet. This is another club fundraiser at home meets. You sell the tickets at the start of diving until approximately 8pm and a drawing is held towards the end of the meet. The winner gets half of the money collected, and the team or a charity gets the other half.

Scoring Table – Scorers from each team record the results following each race, and track the team scores. There can be some pressure at the table, and the job requires experience. The scorekeepers are critical to the success of the meet, and are often the only ones who know which team is winning the meet. The league runs clinics to train new scoring table workers, and your team leaders will also be very happy to show you the ropes and have you shadow and train for this essential job.

Relay Starts Judge – These judges are available during relays. More eyes are needed during these events. Training is available. You may want to shadow this position a couple of times first if you are a new parent.

Finish Judge - This judge determines the finish order of the first heat and turns in the results after each event.

Stroke and Turn Judge – These judges determine whether a swimmer touched the end of the pool during a turn and whether the technical aspects of the swimming stroke were legal. It requires knowledge of the US Swimming stroke regulations, and a willingness to fairly disqualify swimmers when appropriate. Those who are interested in the job “apprentice” with someone who is certified and done it before. There is a training program available from the league.

Computer – This job is for someone who likes computers and is willing to put in a little extra time preparing reports for the coaches. This person sits at the scorers’ table and works with the Dolphin System and Team Manager (program used to manage swimmers’ times, etc.). The job requires a couple sessions of on-the-job-training, which your team leaders will be very happy to arrange.

Starter/Referee – This is the most technically demanding job. The Starter/Referee runs the events in the meet by ensuring that the swimmers start simultaneously and oversees all the other meet officials. This is a leadership position that requires experience and a take-charge personality. It is up to the Starter to keep the meet moving. Person must have taken stroke and turn, and judge clinic as well as volunteered for each. Shadowing is also required for new people.

Announcer – This is a great job for someone with a strong voice and an ability to correctly pronounce names. You announce the names of the swimmers in each event, and work with the Starter/Referee to keep the meet moving quickly and smoothly. Training is available for this job by the league.


*No experience necessary!