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Types Of Dodges

Types of Dodges

Let’s begin by saying this. Do not try any of the gimmicky or “cool” dodges (Finalizer, Swim Move, etc.) until you have mastered the simple ones Split, Roll, etc.). You may think they look cool but I can guarantee you that they don’t and you’ll look even sillier when you draw a warding call or just lose the ball.

A. Face Dodge
B. Split Dodge
C. Roll Dodge
D. Inside Roll
E. Rocker Dodge
F. Question Mark Dodge
G. Change-of-Direction Dodge
H. Bull Dodge
I. Pump Fake
J. Zig Zag Dodge (Z Step)
K. Finalizer
L. Behind-the-Back Dodge
M. Swim Move
N. Doggy Paddle Dodge
O. C Dodge
P. Exclamation Dodge
Q. When and Where to Use Dodges
R. Combination Dodges
S. Tips for Dodging

A. Face Dodge
The basic idea behind a face dodge is that you bring your stick across your face (hence the name) and blow by a defender. It is a North-South dodge, meaning that you do it while you're coming towards the defender.
Cradle up to your defender with your both hands on your stick. Now act like you're going to go to whichever way you are cradling (right if righty, left if lefty), take a quick stutter step, bring your stick across your face, go around him/her (the opposite way of which you faked going, if that makes sense) and then bring it back to a vertical cradle.

B. Split Dodge

The split dodge is, like the face dodge, a North-South dodge. Basically what you do is cradle up to your defender and, if you are cradling righty fake like you're going to go right (left if lefty), do a quick stutter step, switch hands, then go around them just like you did in the face dodge.

C. Roll Dodge
The roll dodge is another North-South dodge. As it says in the name, what you basically are going to do is roll around your defender. If you are cradling righty, plant your left foot in front of your defender and roll around him to your right. It's, of course, exactly the opposite if cradling lefty.

D. Inside Roll
An inside roll is an East-West dodge, meaning that you do without your hips square to the defender's. This basically means that you do it while running with your defender instead of at him/her.
An inside roll is based on the hope that your defender will try not to let you hook around the goal and score, so you run out, as if doing this, but then roll back in towards the goal.

E. Rocker Dodge
After doing one or two roll doges, you might want to throw a rocker dodge in there. Act like you are going to do a roll/inside roll dodge. Roll about halfway to one direction (letting your stick hang out) and then turn the other direction and roll the other way around the man covering you.

F. Question Mark Dodge
A question mark dodge is essentialy an inside roll, but, instead of making a sharp roll around your man, you hook around and (hopefully) get a pass or shot off, forming a question mark. Instead of rolling in towards the goal, you roll out and switch hands (it may help visualize this one if you pretend the "." on a question mark is the goal).


G. Change-of-Direction Dodge
The change-of-direction dodge is a pretty simple East-West dodge. Basically what you are going to do is run to either your left or your right at about half speed, stop, plant your foot, switch hands, and run full speed the other way.

H. Bull Dodge
The bull dodge is a North-South dodge that should only be done on an opponent smaller or not as strong as you. You act like you're going to do some fancy move to get by 'em, but just cradle with one hand and form an L with your other arm (to act as a shield for your stick) and blow right by through their stick. It is important not to push with your free arm, or you will be called for a ward.

I. Pump Fake
A pump fake isn't really a dodge, but, since it was on the Offensive Wizadry video I decided to add it. Act like you are going to pass (this is especially effective if you call out your teammate's name) or shoot, and then, as soon as your defender tries to check your stick, run by him. Remember that a good fake is done with your hands and shoulders, not your stick. If you bring your stick out halfway and then pull it back in, not only is it going to waste some time but the defender may be able to check your stick while it is out. To make effective pump fakes, you may want to push your stick away from you (to the right of left of the direction you are facing) so that the ball bounces against the sidewall; try not to pump fake in the direction of the pass because the ball easily falls out.

J. Zig Zag Dodge (Z Step)
A zig zag dodge is a combination of the pump fake and bull dodge. Cradle towards your defender, using your free arm as a shield, then pull out (step back) and do a quick pump fake. As soon as your defender tries checks your stick, do a bull dodge past him.

K. Finalizer
There's a lot of controversy of what the finalizer really is, but I'm going to try and some it up. It is done behind the goal at X, although you can use some parts of it anywhere on the field. It is an East-West dodge. You cradle right up to the crease, change directions (slightly dipping your stick) ,run to the other side of the crease, change directions, and, if you get your defender to fall or slow down because of the goal, hook around the goal and score. You are basically trying to switch hands while the defender is in midair, hopefully causing him to trip over the goal.
You can see a video of the finalizer here (it's at a little past the 3/4 mark). This guy really gets his ankles broken, but this move is very challenging and may or may not work depending on your level of play.

L. Behind-the-Back Dodge
The BTB dodge is where you start going in one direction with the stick in your right hand, then you switch hands by moving the stick behind your back. Basically, it's a split dodge or a change of direction dodge, but you switch hands behind the back. It is, like the swim move, based on the element of surprise that you get from the defender; it must be done quickly and subtly to work successfully.

M. Swim Move

The swim move is a North-South dodge. This move works best on players with short sticks. Jay Jalbert describes it: The dodging swim move is very much like a split dodge or quick change-of-direction dodge. You are mostly reacting to good defense. When you dodge to your strong hand and the defender has good position on you close to your body, you want to get him away. He is not worried about your stick, which should be out away from your body. You want to plant with your outside foot like you would with a split dodge or change of direction. But instead of bringing the stick in front of your body where the defender is, you want to bring it over his head with a little hop step.

N. Dog Paddle Dodge
This Dodge is essentially a mix between the swim move and a split dodge: act like you would for a split dodge except wait until you are close to his stick and then lift your stick over the defender's stick and blow past.

O. C Dodge
What you're essentially doing in this dodge is using your speed to beat your defender: you run up to the goal, go behind it and around the crease, and come back on the other side with a quick goal to surprise the goalie.

P. Exclamation Dodge
This dodge is done from behind the goal at X: This one isn't necessarily going to fake your defender or break anyone's ankles, but it will hopefully catch the goalie off guard. the exclaimation dodge is when you run from X as hard as you can to about 10 yards in front of the goal, turn, and shoot all in one move.. It’s meant to catch the goalies off guard. pretend that the O is the crease, and the / is the line you're running in.. so the dodge would look like this


Q. When and Where to Used Dodges


Face- Effective in both open field and heavy traffic, best done when your defender is slapping down at your stick or rushing at you; you can bait him by putting your hands in position for a pass/shot.
Split- Works best in open field position, start two stick lengths away from your defender so your stick doesn't hit his when changing hands.
Roll- Use this when you are running at your opponent or when your defender has his stick in position for a poke check; approach them with both hands on your stick but roll with one hand on your stick and one protecting it.
Inside Roll- This dodge is ideally started 4 feet <---> left or right of the goal and 4 feet ^ down field from that position. Since the inside roll will only work if your defender overplays you, you may want to run around him and score or do a question mark dodge earlier in the game to set up a perfect inside roll.
Rocker- You do this one at the same place you would do a roll or inside roll dodge. Like the inside roll, you may want to do a real roll or i.r. (inside roll) before you do a rocker.
Question Mark- This one, like the i.r., is started at "4 and 4". Like the two dodges above that rely on a certain reaction from the defender, this dodge works best if you beat your man around the goal or do an inside roll earlier in the game.
Change of Direction- This dodge is best in an open field position; drive hard and then come out full speed the other direction/
Bull Dodge- This one is most useful when trying to beat aggressive defenders when on a fast break; use in heavy traffic near the goal.
Pump Fake- This dodge can be used anywhere on the field as long as you are in position to pass or shoot.
Zig Zag~ This dodge is most effective when used behind the GLE, or Goal Line Extended.
Finalizer- Used directly behind the goal, this one is most effective on aggressive defenders who will try to hop the goal in an effort not to get beat.
Behind the Back- Used in the same place as the split or roll dodge.
Swim Move- Even though it is like a change of direction or spit dodge, it can be done in either heavy traffic or an open field position, as long as you have a defender gaurding you well.
C Dodge- Can be used at 4 and 4 or somewhere near the goal line extended, this is best on defenders that are slower than you are.
Exclamation Dodge- This one is done directly behind the goal at X, and, again, works best on slower defenseman.


General Guide to Dodge Locations:

Carolina Blue(Open Field): Split,Change of Direction, and BTB Dodges
Orange(Heavy Traffic): Bull Dodge
Pink(4 and 4): Inside Roll, Question Mark, and C Dodges
Blue (Behind the Goal Line Extended): Zig Zag Dodge (Z Step)
Purple (Directly Behind the Goal): Finalizer and Exclamation Dodges

The face, roll, pump fake, and swim move can be used anywhere on the field.

R. Combination Dodges
Often a player will predetermine the dodge he plans to use to elude a defender. Frequently, this advance planning involves performing two dodges in combination. The first dodge is executed in anticipation of a certain defensive reaction; the second dodge is employed to take advantage of the defensive commitment..

That being said, here are some good combos you may want to try:
The split dodge sets up multiple possibilities for a second dodge. Some of the most useful combos are:
Split then Roll
Split then Swim Move
Split then another Split
Some other combo dodges are:
Swim then Roll
Circle Dodge- Face then Roll
And of course the Zig Zag- Pump Fake then Bull
Inside Roll- Roll then Change of Direction and
Finalizer- Mainly Split, Roll, and C-(Running around the goal) dodges mixed together.
Be creative and try to do whatever you can to confuse your defender. A pump fake before any dodge also enhances the dodge; you may also make special moves like the fake btb split- one I made up where you bring your stick up in position for a btb shot then bring the stick over you head and do a split. It's kind of like a swim move over your head.

S. Tips for Dodging
Here are some
tips to consider when dodging:

1. Don't dodge to blow by your man, just dodge to get a quick pass or shot off.
2. Explode out of your dodges, full speed.
3. Get with a long pole or
middie partner on your team and practice dodges against him.
4. Find a tree or telephone pole to practice your North-South dodges against; practice makes perfect.
5. Practice all your dodges in full game speed. Don't run the dodges through step by step unless you are trying to figure out the necessary foot or stickwork (but hopefully this thread will explain all that!)
6. When you have the ball, be constantly faking passes - keep your defense man's stick moving.
7. Never try to dodge when men are in position to back up.
8. Every man on the attack should try at least two dodges every game. Learn at least three different types of dodges.
9. When you have the ball, never stand still - keep moving all the time - if necessary run backwards and forwards - but keep moving. When you are ready to make a pass, take one step back quickly and move.