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Boys FAQs

What does the Registration fee cover?  This fee covers: field and facility rentals, team equipment, uniforms and balls, coach background checks, website, US lacrosse membership.

            Why must my Athlete join US Lacrosse?  Besides membership offerings like Lacrosse Magazine, US Lacrosse provides insurance coverage (beyond personal coverage) to our young athletes and their coaches. This coverage is a mandatory requirement for the facilities that we use and for all tournaments, clinics and camps.

            What equipment do the boys need?  Boys must have the following equipment to play lacrosse: helmet with the NOCSE safety seal, mouth guard (colored), shoulder pads, arm pads, gloves, cup, cleats, sneaks, and boy's lacrosse stick.

            My son wants to play lacrosse but I am unable to afford the registration fees. CBAA Lightning Lacrosse has funds set aside to assist families. We do not want the cost of this sport to prevent young athletes from enjoying this game. If you need assistance, we urge you to email CBAALIGHTNINGLAX@gmail.com and type "HELP" on the subject line.

            I do not understand the team levels.  Please refer to Programs/Boys for a detailed description of team levels.

            When does season Start?
Players will have two pre-season tryouts in February. You must attend if you want tryout for an A1 or B1 team!  In March, all teams will practice BOTH Saturday and Sunday. A week night will be added at the end of March.

            How do the Evaluations work?  Only athletes in grades 5 - 8 must participate in evaluations. All players (5-8) are encouraged to participate. Try to wear numbered jerseys for evaluation days.  Athletes are evaluated among their grade peers. . This allows an objective evaluation of skills, speed and athleticism.  Our goal is to make team assignments where the athlete will have the most opportunity for success.  There are two evaluation sessions.

The best way for athletes to ensure consideration by the coach whose team they aspire to join, is to attend the required sessions.  Team coaches will determine placement of individual athletes based on multiple factors considered in their observation of the evaluations.  Participation in evaluation sessions will greatly enhance the opportunity for the athlete to be properly placed. Failure to participate in the evaluations due to injury or other commitments will not preclude assignment to a particular team. Team placement is subject to final review by the Director of Coaching.

            What do I do if my son is distressed about his coaches and/or his team assignment?  We urge parents to encourage their athlete to go to their coach and discuss any issues. If there is still no resolution, the next step is for the parent to talk with the coach.  Parents and athletes always have the option to contact the Director of Coaching or President.

            When will the game schedule be available?  The schedules are available on-line on your son's team page by the last week in March.

What days will my son play?  Southeastern Pennsylvania Youth Lacrosse Association: 5/6th grade teams typically play on Sundays. 7/8th grade teams play on Saturdays.

    There are occasionally situations when a 7/8th grade team will play on a Sunday or a 5/6th team will play on a Saturday. In addition to the SEPYLA schedule, tournaments will be scheduled.  Weeknight games may also be scheduled. Games for second, third and fourth grade teams typically play on Sundays.

My son has allergies and sometimes needs an inhaler. How should I handle this?  Coaches need to be informed regarding ALL health issues. We recommend that athletes give their team manager an inhaler marked with their name, to be kept in the team first aid kit. In addition, athletes must bring an inhaler to each practice and game.  

I am confused about the sizing. How do I decide what to order?

Grades 3 - 8 Game Jersey: select one size larger than the size of a men's polo shirt that fits your son.

Grades 1 - 2  Game Pinnie: select one size larger than the size of a men's polo shirt that fits your son.

Grades 1 - 8 Game Shorts: NEW STYLE short - (Measures are for an un-stretched waist.): YS, YM, YL, Small = 22", Medium = 26", Large = 30", X-Large = 34"

Where can I find used equipment?  Equipment for the Boys Program is very expensive. Used equipment may be on the web site or try a "play it again" store.

            Can we bring our Pets to the game?  Big "No"

What is the weather policy?  Spring weather can be fickle. We do not play in a downpour, but we DO play in light rain.  Play will be suspended immediately with the threat of thunder and lightning.

How will I know if practice or a game is cancelled due to weather?  PRACTICE: Your coach will email and/or post a notice on your team page a minimum of an hour before practice if there is a schedule change. Please be forewarned that it can be beautiful one minute and not the next --- but when you arrive at practice, the skies open up! Use your best judgment in these circumstances.  GAMES: Games may be cancelled because of the weather and/or because the fields are saturated and unplayable. Please check your team page before EVERY GAME. The fIeld or time for your game could be changed or a game cancellation notice could be posted. Often, the decision to cancel is not made until early game day. In this situation, a cancellation notice on your team page will be posted NO LATER THAN TWO HOURS before your game.