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Equip Xchge


Lacrosse equipment isn't inexpensive.  As kids grow, used equipment often collects dust, and clutters up the garage.

As a service to our Players' Parents, Lightning Lacrosse provides this "Equipment Exchange."

The Equipment Exchange is simply a way for Parents who are either looking for used equipment [Equipment Wanted], or have equipment they would like to make available to another Player [For Sale, For Trade, For Free], to identify and connect with each other.

Lighnting Lacrosse does not participate in any transactions.  The intent is simply to facilitate communication between SOURCES and RECIPIENTS.

The way it works is as follows:

Click on the "Message Board" link to the left on this site, and click "view replies" to the section that matches your situation.  Then "reply to this message" with your information.

For example...

    "Boys shoulder pads, almost new, size adult small. Looking to trade for goalie

     stick. Contact Judy at judyblue.xyz.net or by phone at 215.ZZZ.ZZZZ."

If you are a desiring RECEIVER of equipment, you can indicate whether your intention

is to buy, trade, or simply accept it gratis.

For example...

    "Girls beginner stick in reasonable condition. Looking to buy for $10.

     Contact Harry at harryzarry.xyz.net or by phone at 215.ZZZ.ZZZZ."

It is up to you as a RECIPIENT to contact any SOURCES regarding items that may be of interest to you.

4. Once a RECIPIENT OR SOURCE has completed a successful transfer of items, then the RECIPIENT and SOURCE should edit their reply on the site indicating that the items in question are no longer available and sought, and should be removed from the listing.