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SEPYLA - Boy Players Where They Must Play! RULE! Please read the full article!

Boys Lightning Lacrosse area is CB East, CB West  and New Hope High School area only!

Six boys’ lacrosse organizations formed SEPYLA in 1987 to encourage the growth of the sport at the youth level and ultimately to develop strong high school programs in the greater Philadelphia region. Today, almost 25 years later, SEPYLA has over nearly 40 member organizations and has spawned youth leagues in Chester County, Lehigh County and New Jersey. The high school programs with players from SEPYLA’s members rank among the most competitive in the nation.

Since its inception, SEPYLA has focused on the creation of community-based programs generally consistent with school district boundaries. SEPYLA has and continues to believe that teams will only improve if they play the best competition available. Consequently, SEPYLA’s rules encouraged members to field teams in its most competitive divisions and discouraged players from playing outside their community in order to provide a competitive schedule for its member organizations and ultimately spread and improve our great game. At the same time, however, SEPYLA recognizes that unique circumstances sometimes warrant exceptions if such circumstances creates an opportunity to play lacrosse where one would not otherwise exist.

In recent years, players’ desires to play on the “best teams” have increased the conflicts with SEPYLA’s organizing principles and goals. Thus, SEPYLA found it necessary to revise its rules regarding eligibility/locale of players. Below is the new rule.


No member organization of SEPYLA shall permit a player to participate in any SEPYLA game who does not reside within the member’s school district boundaries or such other boundaries established by SEPYLA’s By-laws unless expressly authorized by the Competition Committee for that season only and such player may not participate in a league game until expressly authorized by the Competition Committee. All requests for exceptions must be submitted directly to the Competition Committee by the player’s parent or legal guardian.

No request from a member organization is permitted. Recruiting of players from outside a Member’s boundaries is prohibited. If a player wishes to ask for an exception to this rule, the parent/guardian of the player must email Mr. Bill Shields, Vice President of SEPYLA and Chairman of the Competition Commitee, at mailto:wjshields55@yahoo.com with specific reasons why an exception should be granted. There will be two periods where Mr. Shields will accept exception requests:

Since exceptions will be granted in cases of severe hardship, it is difficult to offer any guidance on the specific facts that might lead the Competition Committee to grant an exception. However, the Competition Committee offers these examples of circumstances that the Competition Committee would not grant an exception:

  •  player did not play for his home club last year (no grandfathering)
  • player has or had a relative who coaches or coached in the non-home club
  • player has school teammates, summer club teammates, or friends on the non-home club
  • player attends school within the non-home club area

One of these reasons, by itself, would not normally be grounds for considering an exception. If other factors were involved, the request for the exception might be considered.

Players who live in an area that currently does not have a youth lacrosse program participating in SEPYLA, Chester County League, Lehigh Valley Youth League, Berks County Youth League, South Jersey Youth League or Delaware Youth League are eligible to play for SEPYLA program that is adjacent to their home area/school district*. If that player wishes to switch to another SEPYLA program in the future, an exception must be granted. http://www.sepyla.org/

Boys Lightning Lacrosse area is CB East, CB West  and New Hope High School area only!