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April 17th Ireland 2014 Day #6

Hello Everyone! Today we headed into the wonderful city of Galway to explore and visit the shops. While browsing for souvenirs or food or just wandering around we passed many steet performers. Some were singing, singing and playing guitar, playing banjo, playing accordion, or playing an instrument I've never even seen before. One person even had a magic show going on. After shopping and lunch we continued to explore, and came across beautiful architechture in churches and archways. When we were done in the city we travelled to our final match against Westport RFC. It was our toughest game yet, and we lost 29-22. The team agrees that we all played really well and will definitely return to the states with new skills. Now we're all looking forward to having a great last day tomorrow. Awesome last international match! Your second row, Leanna Burdack

April 16th Ireland 2014 DAy #5

Hello Everyone!! Today we departed from Cork and headed out to the beautiful town of Limerick. We adventured into the heart of King John's Castle right on the river where we received an interesting history lesson of Ireland: from the siege of 1642 to life in Ireland under King Henry VIII. A highlight of the castle was seeing Dana dressed up as a medieval soldier! After a quick lunch we headed to our second rugby match verses St. Mary's RFC. Under the bright sun we won our game 57-10 against a great team. Highlights included Mia's bloody nose, Kat's breakaway, and Megan's realization of a new rule. D-town strong!! After that we headed to our hotel in Galway (right on the sea) and we all look forward to exploring the town tomorrow. Fun and successful day!! From, your inside center buddy Sami

April 18th Ireland 2014 Day #7

Hello Everyone! Today was our last day here in the wonderful country of Ireland. Through the greif of having to pack our bags we went to the breathtaking Cliffs of Moehr. We were blessed with sunshine, until the fog rolled gently over the cliffs, bum, bum, bummmm... but we luckily got to see the flabbergasting view beforehand. As we gathered together for one of our last bus rides, which we are not too sad about, due to the smell... we headed off to our first semi-professional rugby match. We cheered for Leinster who came out as victors. After the game, the girls gathered and created a skit that portrayed the many memorable adventures we created as one, that we then preformed to a wonderful audience. Although we are sad to leave, we are excited to come home and see everyone's wonderful faces. We saved the best for last, Aysia and AnneMarie.        




I'm the lucky one who gets to write about our third day in Ireland. It was exciting and eventful to say the least. We started off our day by going to the Wicklow Mountains. They were absolutely beautiful, we saw a lot of baby sheep and herds of mountain goats. There was a lake which showed a reflection of the mountains in the distance. We walked around for a few hours then enjoyed lunch at an Irish Pub (Guinness beef stew). We walked around the small village for about an hour and then made our way to our first international game. The field was on the top of a mountain with a view overlooking the sea on one side and mountains on the other. The game was a great competition. In the first half, we were up by two tries and one conversion (we heard the other team yelling "I can't believe we're losing to Americans!"). They came right back though and the score was continuously tied. The team had many strong runners, stronger than the runners in the USA. After winning the game 24-22, the women played their sevens match. After this was over, the team invited us all into the club house for a social including live entertainment from both teams. I can't wait for the tour to continue, it seems to just keep getting better everyday! (I don't have a cool title so) Fullback, Sophie Pyrz

April 15, 2014 Ireland Day #4

While you all had rainy weather at home, we spent another beautiful day here in Ireland! We started our day off with breakfast at our first hotel which was then followed by a three hour bus ride to Cork. To break up our bus ride and to fulfill our hunger, we stopped at a rest stop for some lunch. Shorty after, we reached Blarney Castle. Many of us climbed to the top of the castle and were able to enjoy the vista. At the top of the castle was the Blarney Stone that brings good luck when it is kissed. When we finished exploring the castle some of us walked up and down the blarney staircase with our eyes closed. This is said to make a wish of yours come true. The landscape surrounding the blarney castle was breath taking and absolutely amazing! Our trip to the castle was followed by shopping in Cork. Our day was topped off with a delicious dinner at our new hotel. Our trip continues to get better and better each day and I cannot wait to see what tomorrow has in store for us! Your tight-head prop, Taylor

April 12, 2014 Ireland Day #1

Today, we arrived in Dublin Ireland! Some of us slept quite soundly on the plane while others slept maybe a solid 15 minutes. We met our tour guide, Steve and our driver, Neil at the airport. Feeling a bit dirty, sleep deprived, and hungry we set out to tour the Guinness Brewery at 11 AM! The women got their free pint of beer while the girls enjoyed their free mug of soda. After being educated on the process of making beer we set out for a nice lunch in the hub of downtown Dublin. We had some free time to explore the city enjoying the accents, the street performers, and the unique architecture. After, we met up to get a tour of Trinity College. It had an incredible library with 200,000 books. We were able to see the Book of Kells amongst many others. After, we had more free time to continue exploring. We found a beautiful park in the middle of the city with bright green grass, a lake, and blooming flowers. We saw kids playing rugby which we realized quickly is a lot more common here then it is in America. Around 5:30 we headed to our hotel for a much needed shower. We ate dinner at the hotel and now everyone is more then ready for bed after staying awake for over 24 hours. We can't wait for our Ireland adventure to continue! Co Captain, Dana Alimena

April 13, 2014 Ireland Day # 2

Ireland is off to a great start! Today was amazing. First, we got to train with one of the national coaches from the Leinster RugbyClub. It was awesome to learn the game from a new perspective, and to play with the team in a new environment. I also enjoyed seeing a 9-year old team playing on the field before us. It is so cool that they start the game so young here, and that it is a part of everyday life. We also got to meet one of the women from the Irish NAtional team, Jenny. SHe is a amazing player, and taught us a lot of techniques of the game. After the training,we quickly ate lunch on the bus and then traveled to Croke Park Stadium to watch a match of Gaelic Football. I had never heard of it before this, but it is actually a really neat game! It's pretty much a combo of rugby and soccer, minus the tackling. The object of the game is to get the ball into the soccer net or the uprights (above the net) and you can use both your feet and your hands. Contact is involved, but very minimal, and I imagine it requires a lot of skill! After that we reloaded the bus, headed back to the hotel, and ate dinner. The food is similar, but i'm still waiting to really try an 'irish meal'. Lastly, tonight the HS girls and a few of the women went on a ghost tour of Dublin. Learning some of the history of Dublin was very interesting, and it was also fun to search for ghost sights. That's all for today, but I know it is only going to get better and better from here on out! Tomorrow we are headed off to visit Wicklow Mountains National Park in the morning, and then our first match against Wicklow RFC in the afternoon! Can't wait! Thanks to everyone whose keeping up with our tour, and keep posted for more exciting things throughout the week! Co Captain, Megan Lynott