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Media Youth Center Member Registration

Media Hoops Winter Basketball 2017-2018

Winter Hoops Basketball!


The league includes 1st – 12th grade boys (no varsity players) and 1st – 10th grade girls (no varsity plyers) with the opportunity to enjoy a minimum of 10 games throughout the season. 

WHEN: The league begins in late November/early December and runs through February 2018.

EVALUATIONS:  Evaluations are Nov. 1st - 19th. Evaluation schedules are listed on the MYC website.

WHERE: Games and practices are held at the Media Youth Center and local schools (Media Elementary and Media Friends School)

VOLUNTEERS: You are welcome to join us as a volunteer! During the season over 90 committed members of the community volunteer to serve as coaches, team parents, and more.

REGISTRATION DEADLINE: Early-bird registration ($95) ends on Oct. 9th. Regular registration ($125) ends Oct. 25th.

COST: $95 Early-bird (ends Oct 9th) or $125 Regular.  Cost includes Raffle ticket booklet.  Drawing takes place during the league championship weekend.


Open House / Walk-In Registration @ MYC

Wed, Oct 4 from 5:30pm-8:30pm

Sat, Oct 14 from 11am - 2pm




Step 1. Each player must register at the link provided below.

Step 2. Payment can be paid on-line or a check can be made payable to Media Youth Center and mailed to 1 Youth Way, Media, PA 19063.  Payment can also be placed in the silver dropbox outside the front entrance of MYC.

Step 3.  Once payment is received and evaluations are completed, players will be notified of their team assignment and schedule.


Questions or interested in coaching?

Lewis Johnson, Basketball Coordinator        

Keith Hardy-Merritt, MYC Board of Directors Basketball Committee Chairmperson

Registration / Payment Questions:  

Jennifer Pyc - MYC Operations Coordinator,



It is important that each player attend an evaluation.  

Wed Nov 1st @ 6:15pm-8pm        7th-8th Grade Boys
Thurs Nov 2nd @ 6:15-8pm          6th Grade Boys
Sun Nov 5th @ 6pm-8pm              7th-8th Grade Boys
Mon Nov 6th @ 6:15-8pm             5th Grade Boys
Tues Nov 7th @ 6:15-8pm             3rd-4th Grade Boys
Wed Nov 8th @ 6:15-7pm             6th, 7th, 8th Grade Boys (Make-up try-out)
Thurs Nov 9th @ 6:15-7:30pm      7th-10th Grade Girls (No varsity players)
Sun Nov 12th @ 12-1:30pm          9th-12th Grade Boys (No Varsity players)
Mon Nov 13th @ 6:15-7:15pm       3rd-4th Grade Girls
                     @ 7:15-8:15pm       5th-6th Grade Girls
Tues Nov 14th @ 6:15-7:15pm       1st-2nd Grade Girls
                      @ 7:15-8:15pm       1st-2nd Grade Boys
Wed Nov 15th @ 6:15-7:15pm       5th, 6th, 7th-10th Grade Girls (Make-up try-out)
Sun Nov 19th @ 12-1:15pm           9th-12th Grade Boys
PLEASE NOTE:  These schedules are the anticipated schedules however, they should be considered TENTATIVE based upon enrollment numbers for each league.
1st-2nd Grade Girls
Games Saturday Afternoons / Practices Wed or Thurs evenings
3rd-4th Grade Girls
Games Saturday Afternoons / Practices Mon or Tues evenings
5th-6th Grade Girls
Games Sunday Afternoons / Practices Saturday Afternoons
7th-10th Grade Girls
Games Sunday early evenings / Practices Saturday Afternoons
1st-2nd Grade Boys
Games Saturday Mornings / Practices Mon or Wed evenings
3rd-4th Grade Boys
Games Saturday Mornings / Practices Sunday Mid-Mornings
5th-6th Grade Boys
Games Thurs-Friday Evenings / Practices Saturday Afternoons
7th-8th Grade Boys
Games Wed-Thurs Evenings / Practices Mon-Tues evenings
9th-12th Boys (no varsity players)
Games Wed-Thurs-Sun Evenings / Practices Saturday afternoons


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