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General Information

(Updated 04/11/10)

Club Name - When using our club name for league or tournament registration, newspaper publications or any other purpose, the name of our club is Ukrainian Nationals.  It is not "Ukrainian FC, Ukrainian Soccer Club, Ukrainians, Ukies, Ukrainian "Krush" or "Wings" (not picking on any teams) or some other combination.  If you have to shorten it, Ukrainian Nats is acceptable.  League Coordinators must make sure that our club name is properly listed in any league standings, website, etc. 


Coaches Meetings - Held every month except January, February, July and August.  Each team is required to have a representative at the meeting as valuable information will be passed along about league changes, upcoming events, uniforms, etc.


League Coordinators - Attend League meetings on behalf of the club and provide information to the club at the Coaches meeting.  If you are interested in becoming the League Coordinator, contact Dan Nysch at dnysch@ukrainiannationals.com.


League Contacts - Coordinate with the respective league coordinators for any protests, grievances, registration, or any other major issues. This does not include routine player registration or schedule issues unless directed to by the league. (Note: ICSL requires that all league contact go through the club's ICSL league coordinator.)


League Fines - Teams are responsible for reimbursing the club for any fines that have been levied by leagues for coach behavior, late posting of scores, etc. 


Tryzub Events - There are a number of year round social events at our club.  They are posted on the News & Events page of our website.  Please encourage your teams to support these events.

 Invitational2007SignBannerAAA Memorial Day Tournament - Each team is expected to participate (and pay the registration fees) as well as recruit teams to fill out their own age bracket.  If you would like to join the tournament committee, contact the Tournament Director, Cheryl Mannato, at momsjm@aol.com.


Uniform Policy - Every Ukrainian Nationals player is obligated to wear only the official Adidas Ukrainian Nationals uniform for every league match and tournament match (see Apparel).   There are no exceptions to the uniform policy.  Coaches and Managers are responsible for enforcing our club uniform policy.  Junior Teams must get their uniform orders in for any new players added in the Spring season as soon as possible.


Ukrainian Nationals Gear - T-shirts, hats and tournament drinking glasses are available for sale at the club.


Spring Season - The club encourages teams to sign up for one of the cup competitions.  Cup registration (see EPYSA website) will be reimbursed by the club. There is no reimbursement for Spring League registration.  Any new players added to your team, must pay club Spring registration fees including club membership fee.


Corner Flags - The first team playing on a field (see Schedules) is responsible for installing the corner flags for the day's use.  At the end of the day, the last team playing on a field is responsible for putting the corner flags back in the home locker room.  Teams have been consistently forgetting to bring in corner flags at the end of the day.  Please cooperate.


Parking - All cars must park in the parking lot. There is no parking/stopping allowed on the driveway or on the grass areas next to the fields or along County Line or Lower State Roads (unless directed by a club official). Please do not use driveway as a drop-off and pick-up point.


Lights - Only turn the lights that you are using for practice. Don't forget to turn them off at the end of practice.

Litter - Keep our club clean. After games and practices, police the area near both benches for litter (bottles, paper, athletic tape, etc) at the end of your game or practice. Throw all litter away into the big trash barrels. 

Goal Nets - Keep all children off the nets and goal posts. Prior to the game or practice, inspect the nets and ground stakes and fix as necessary.

Field Scheduling - Make sure that you notify Field Coordinator prior to scheduling any games or practices.  Refer to the Schedules page for specific information on how to report your team's home game schedule. 

Play on the field that you are scheduled to play on.  It is the team's responsibility to notify the Field Coordinator to correct the website schedule if there is an error or change.

  • Matches - The club determines what field your team plays on, not the league or referee.
  • Practices - There are no practices allowed on Field #1 (Major's Field). Limit practice use around goal areas.

Field Conditions - As club members, coaches/managers are responsible for determining if the conditions allow a game to be played. If there is no club official present, it is the coach's responsibility to determine whether a field is playable or not (no matter what the league or referee says). If a coach determines that playing a game will cause significant damage to the field, then it is his/her responsibility to postpone the match. The league coordinator will work with the coach/manager to reschedule the game.

Fall Season Notes

(Updated 04/11/10)


  • Coaches are required to act in a responsible and respectful manner.  That includes everything from proper conduct before, during and after matches, showing respect to the referee and opposing coaches, and setting a good example to your players.  Coaches are also responsible for the conduct of the parents.
  • When playing overmatched teams, do not run up the score!  There is simply no reason to be winning games more than 5 or 6 to 0.  Coaches are expected to teach their players good sportsmanship.
  • Instruct your parents to slow down when entering or exiting the club and only park in designated parking areas.

Home Matches

  • Check the website for any last minute changes to see what field your match is on.  Do not change your field without permission from the Field Coordinator, Bob Sitler.
  • The ultimate decision on whether a match gets played rests with the club (not the league or referee.)  If club officials deem that a field will be irreparably damaged, the match will be called off.  If there is no club official present, then the Ukrainian Nationals coach is expected to make the proper decision.
  • First team scheduled for the weekend (see Schedules Page) should bring the corner flags out (from the Home locker room) for the field that they are playing on.  Last team for the weekend should bring the corner flags back in.
  • After your match, pick up bottles and trash from both the home and visitor benches.  Help keep our club clean.


  • Check the website regularly for field closures.  Practice only during your scheduled time slot.  Teams that practice in the 6 PM time slot should leave the field promptly at 7:55 PM to make room for the next team.
  • When it is light out (day or early evening), practice on Fields #2 and #4 to limit damage to the other fields.  Do not practice on Field #5.
  • When using lights (late evening), due to the condition of Field #5, practice is prohibited in the goal areas.  Use the practice goals to play across the field.
  • When finished practice, move the training goals back off the field.  If you move anything, (i.e. benches) move it back before you leave.
  • Clean-up your area after practice.

Fall Season Registration

Each team must register all of their players online through their Ukrainian Nationals team website and EPYSA website.  Each team is responsible for collecting the fees from their players and submitting a single check payable to Ukrainian Nationals, Inc. (along with EPYSA roster) to the Treasurer, John Nimczuk.


All fees are due by the June coaches meeting. 

NO team will be approved by the Club Registrar for EPYSA

and League Registration until the fees and roster are recieved.

  • Non-member price includes Club Social Membership (called Sports Membership) which runs from August to July.
  • Includes Family Day Picnic for entire family
  • All Ukrainian Nationals players, coaches, managers, and trainers must have at least one member of family that is club member.
  • All Team officials (Managers/Coaches/Trainers who are not team parents) must have a Sports membership.
  • Junior Teams registration is due at the October Coaches meeting.

Club is responsible for:

  • One Fall or Winter League Registration
  • Referee Fees for one Fall or Winter League
  • One Cup Registration fee
  • Referee Fees for one Cup

Player/Team is responsible for:

  • Uniforms (must be purchased through authorized distributor)
  • Any extra league registration fees  (ex:  2nd Fall League or Rock Spring League)
  • Any extra referee fees
  • Tournaments
  • Trainers
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