Referee & Umpire Assignment

Assigning game officials to your games is a breeze

With integrated Game Officials Management solution, your referee or umpire assignor's life just got a lot easier and the refs will be happy, too. That's because they'll have a single place to go to make or get game assignments, get the game details and report the game results.

Assignors can easily sign up officials for games, or the officials can sign up themselves.

Assignors get the tools they need to manage their game officials.

The integrated Game Officials Management solution is the assignors portal, where the game official rosters can be managed, where all the game schedules are posted automatically, and where officials can be assigned or can sign up themselves to cover games.

Game reporting is automated and game reports are archived

Once they've covered a game, the game officials can easily post a game report, including the game results. Ta Da! You immediately have a database of any incidence reports, and the league gets the game results automatically.

Game officials can fill out post-game reports
Game official reports can be used to keep track of game officials attendance and for payment management

Manage payments, training, mentorship, and more

Use your game report database to keep track of games assigned and games officiated. If game officials are compensated, the game report database provides the verification of payments due.

Game and Practice Scheduling and communications tools are included with our League Management solution.

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