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Occasionally, the crew can't wait for a formal announcement about what we're up to, so please be sure to check our blog for sneak peeks about the latest developments with our team, club, and league site solutions.

Practice Schedule System Now Available on Club and League Sites

Relevant to: Team Management, League & Club Management

The new Online Practice Schedule System makes it easy for your visitors to print or download their practice schedules. When you use the online practice schedules system, the practices are automatically published on the individual Team ...

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New Club and League Website Solutions Available

Relevant to: League & Club Management

The fall 2012 releases of the club and league website solutions are now available.  The new releases include a ton of great enhancements, including: A new Message Slideshow widget for your home page. Now, when you add or update a ...

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Pro Plan Available for Club and League Websites

Relevant to: League & Club Management, Pro Plan is pleased to offer a Pro Plan for those clubs and leagues who want a more consistent branding experience and a more professional website. The new Pro Plan offers the following features: Your organization's own custom website address,...

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New Team Website Release Issued

Relevant to: Team Management

The new release of the Team Website solution was issued today.  There have been a ton of small improvements to the solution.  Some of the notable enhancements include: A Message Slideshow for your home page.  The ...

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Relevant to: Team Management has launched a new mobile team site solution that is now included as part of a team website subscription. If you access your team site from a smartphone, you will automatically be directed to the mobile site, which provides a...

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New: Automated League Scheduling System available on all League Sites

Relevant to: League & Club Management is pleased to introduce a new automated League Scheduling System that enables our League Site subscribers to create their season's league game schedules in just minutes. The League Scheduling System creates round-robin competition ...

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New: Venue Calendars and Reservations available on Club and League Sites

Relevant to: League & Club Management

Your club and league site now includes a Venue Calendar and Reservations System. This is a powerful new tool that can help you manage your venues and allow your members to request reservations when a venue is available. To set up your Venue ...

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Standings Page Now Available on Club & League Sites

Relevant to: League & Club Management has just published a new Standings page, which will automatically show the position of each team within each league.  The Standings page is easy to set up.  Just log in to the site, go to the Standings page and select the ...

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Add a Mailing List Sign-Up Widget to your Club or League Site

Relevant to: League & Club Management now helps clubs and leagues build their communities by offering you a "Mailing List" widget.  Just add the Mailing List widget to your club or league home page, and your visitors can sign up to receive email, text message and post ...

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Merchandise Center Available for Club and League Sites

Relevant to: League & Club Management, Merchandise Center is pleased to introduce our new Merchandise Center, where clubs and leagues can sell merchandise to their members and visitors through their own online stores. The Merchandise Center is an optional add-on to your club or league website. ...

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