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Topton Soccer Club (TSC) COVID 19 Safety and Action Plan




To provide an outline surrounding the measures and actions taken by the TSC in accordance with Reading Berks Junior Soccer League (RBJSL) to ensure the safety and well-being of the participants, families and community involved with the return to play with the TSC. 


It is understood that the knowledge regarding COVID-19 is constantly changing as new information and treatments become available.  When necessary, this Safety and Action Plan will be adjusted, with the goal of decreasing the risk of exposure for our clubs, teams, families, and other participants.


It is our expectation as a Club that all the safety and action items noted below in reference to all parties will be upheld to the best of everyone’s ability. Well knowing that there are certain limitations within the physical sport itself and limiting factors related to it being a contact sport.


It is important to note that this document does not take the place of medical or legal advice.


Participant/Player Information:


It is our mission and goal as a Club to keep players as safe as possible during this time. In order to provide the safest environment the following safety and action items will be put in place.


  • Every player must check in with their coach and or register on an online platform (ei: Band) prior to practice and game.
  • Temperature checks and review of any signs and symptoms of illness will be reported at time of check in.
    • Including temp > 100.4.
    • new onset cough and cold symptoms
    • sore throat runny nose
    • nausea or vomiting
    • loss of taste or smell 
    • Report any direct exposure or if currently under contact tracing
    • Do not come to practice sick or if you are not feeling well.
    • Masks must be worn at all times during practice and games.
      • Masks can be removed during strenuous activity as needed or if social distancing can be obtained and during designated mask breaks
      • The use of Gaiter-type face masks will be determined by the family and participant and worn at their own risk – it is not the face covering of choice within the youth organization for risk for potential strangle-like injuries as they do not break away and can be inadvertently pulled or become tangled during play
      • At all times during noncontact activities social distancing should be maintained being approximately 6 feet.
      • During games while on the bench appropriate spacing should be achieved spaces between players that are not currently participating.
      • Overall good hand hygiene and cough etiquette should be maintained as best as possible.


TSC Responsibilities:


The Clubs objective is to provide an ongoing safe environment with continual updates regarding policy changes and or COVID precautions that may occur before during and after the season.


  • The Club will make all attempts to facilitate and guide safety and action items as presented to the organization and from governing bodies.
  • Provide necessary items to ensure safety and action items can be achieved such as thermometers and hand sanitizers.
  • The Club will communicate and participate in contact tracing of potential exposures as needed in coordination with the RBJSL and Department of Health.
  • Designate a COVID Coordinator to help facilitate contact tracing and coordination of COVID safety efforts.  Currently Valerie Smeltz - vasmeltz@gmail.com


Coaches, Volunteer and Parent Responsibilities:


Is the role of the coach and parent volunteers to uphold the integrity of the Club and to the best of their ability maintain all of the safety and action items listed throughout this plan.


  • Coaches are responsible to help with the dissemination of information as relayed by the Club and to the best of their ability maintain the safety and action items noted throughout the plan.
  • Checking in players to practices and games with the immediate reporting of any possible symptoms, contact tracing involvement, or exposures to the COVID Coordinator.
  • The washing and care of TSC issued equipment between practices and games.
  • Facilitate a safe and fun environment throughout practice and game play.
  • All Parents are requested to show the same above safety and action items while watching and supporting our players such as:
    • Mask wearing while dropping off and picking up players
    • Social distancing as able
    • Reporting player illness and keeping players home when sick
    • Practicing good hand hygiene and cough etiquette
    • Supporting the TSC with patience and understanding as we all work together to ensure a fun and positive experience for our children



Game Day Information:


The above noted safety and action items apply on game day.

For additional game day instructions and the complete RBJSL safety information see the RBJSL COVID-19 Protocol 2021-03.pdf or visit their website at http://www.rbjsl.org/contacts-and-members/covid-19


COVID-19 Exposure:


RBJSL and TSC procedures for potential and confirmed COVID-19 exposure will follow the EPYSA COVID-19 Response document.


If a participant becomes ill with COVID-19

  • Club COVID-19 Point of Contact (COVID Coordinator) notifies RBJSL COVID-19 Point of Contact
    • For HIPAA reasons, information includes only the participant’s team and the date/time
    • of symptom onset
    • RBJSL COVID-19 Point of Contact notifies opponents or game officials who may have been exposed
      • RBJSL COVID-19 Point of Contact informs the opponent’s Club COVID-19 Point of Contact
        • For HIPAA reasons, information includes only the opponent’s team and the date/time of symptom onset
  • RBJSL COVID-19 Point of Contact informs the RBJSL Referee Assignor
    • For HIPAA reasons, information includes only the RBJSL game details and the date/time of symptom onset
    • If a participant begins showing symptoms within 48 hours after a team’s practice session:
      • The participant’s team is quarantined (see “Length of quarantine”below).
      • RBJSL games within the quarantine period are postponed/cancelled, with no forfeit penalty
      • If a participant begins showing symptoms within 48 hours after an RBJSL game:
        • The participant’s team is quarantined(see “Length of quarantine” below).
        • The opponent’s team is quarantined (see “Length of quarantine” below).
        • RBJSL games within the quarantine period are postponed/cancelled, with no forfeit penalty.
        • It is possible that additional teams are affected (e. g., a coach of multiple teams; the quarantine could affect all teams and cause multiple game postponements/cancellations with no forfeit penalty).


Length of quarantine for exposed individuals

  • Latest quarantine information is posted at https://www.epysa.org/assets/55/6/covid-19_response_3.9.21.pdf
  • For individuals who do not develop symptoms:
    • Recommended quarantine length is 14 days from exposure.
    • Quarantine length may be shortened to 10 days.
    • Quarantine length maybe shortened to7 days if a COVID-19 test, taken on Day 5 or later, produces a negative test result.
    • Fully vaccinated individuals (i. e., full course of vaccine plus two weeks) do not need to quarantine, but must still monitor for symptoms





Additional Links:


Reading Berks Junior Soccer League: http://www.rbjsl.org/contacts-and-members/covid-19


CDC Considerations for Youth Sports:  https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/community/schools-childcare/youth-sports.html


PA Department of Health Guidance for Sports:  https://www.governor.pa.gov/covid-19/sports-guidance/


EPYSA COVID-19 Frequently Asked Questions: https://www.epysa.org/covid-19-faqs

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